Fire pit concrete countertop
Concrete countertop with fire pit

Concrete Countertops:

The possibilities are endless!

Concrete is an incredible medium that is extremely versatile and adaptable to almost any application. When concrete is brought up in conversation, most people immediately think about a concrete truck and a huge load of wet gray dirty concrete used to make a driveway or a sidewalk.

Concrete is so much more!

Concrete is so much more than just a glob of gray sludge that can be formed into a square, smoothed over, and that’s it…. It can be stamped, colored, polished, stained, engraved, stenciled, inlaid, cast into any conceivable shape, size, design, form, or application. Concrete is used to build bridges, roads, high rises, foundations, underground bomb shelters, as well as statues, floors, countertops, tiles, and more.

Architecture and Function

Concrete countertop with inlaid wood logs
Concrete Countertop with inlaid wood logs

In recent years the possibilities of concrete used in a functional architectural application has begun to rapidly expand and attract more attention. One of the applications that has begun to receive a lot of attention is concrete countertops.

The possibilities are virtually endless. With new mix designs, concrete used for countertops and other similar applications can reach strengths of 12,000 to 15,000 psi at 3/4″ to 1.5″ thick! For comparison, the average 4″ thick driveway is only around 3,500 psi. A test was conducted on a concrete countertop, 1.5″ thick by 27″ wide by 6′ long. It was placed with one block under each end of the counter to form a bridge with no support in the middle. Then it was point loaded with weight in the very middle of the counter. It finally broke once 1,100 pounds was placed on the center of the counter!

Concrete countertop strength test

Countertops built with concrete can be precast in a manufacturing facility, or cast in place on site. They can be designed with integral monolithic sinks and other features. Cast in place counters are ideal for large projects that would otherwise involve setting several different units and then trying to ensure that the joints and seams lined up perfectly. With cast in place designs, concrete countertops can be laid seamlessly and unrestricted by design requirements. Precast concrete countertops are made off-site and installed later, similar to fabricated granite and marble slabs. With precast designs, sinks and other features can be integrally designed into the counter to create one solid seamless countertop.

White concrete countertop
White precast concrete countertop with integral sink by

The design possibilities are virtually unlimited. Objects can be inlaid into the design such as rocks, glass, shells, and other objects. Different aggregates, sand, and colors can achieve unlimited design ideas. There is even glow in the dark aggregates that  will add that special effect in the dark of the night.

Valhalla Construction LLC can design and build your countertop either precast or cast in place. Any design or configuration you can think of. And at a cost that is comparable to having a granite or marble slab fabricated and installed.

We do that too.

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