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If you have any sort of collection of armaments, art, jewelry, metals, or any collectible valuable item, it represents an investment, both financially and sentimental. If you inherited weapons or collection pieces, then the sentimental value is probably much higher than the financial value.

Why not protect that investment?

Time and again, gun owners and collectors spend thousands of dollars on their weapons and collectables, but balk and shy away from investing in their protection and safe keeping. This kind of thinking just doesn’t make any logical sense.

Thieves are not deterred much by a stand alone safe. Many times, they will simply wrap a chain around it and hook it to their truck and just simply rip it right out of the house through the wall, drag it away, and cut it open later. The owner has now lost his safe, the contents, and suffered significant damage to the house.

Many other safes, the “economical” cheap safes are little more than a glorified tin can, and just as easy to break into. And they offer zero protection against fire, water, or elemental damage.

If you have committed significant financial and emotional investment into your collection, whether it be arms, jewelry, metals, art, or whatever it is that you deem valuable, it makes sense to protect it. Protect it from theft, weather, the elements, temperature and humidity, fire, etc.

A good quality stand alone safe is worth is every penny. I can personally testify to that. Back in 2007, I had a structure fire at the place I was living at the time. It was a total loss. Everything burned to the ground to ash. Despite the fire department being a mere two miles away, and the fire hydrant only 200 yards down the street, they were unable to put the fire out in time and could only mop up and douse the ashes.

I had a gun collection worth easily $40,000 and about 20,000 rounds of ammunition in that fire. I was sure I had lost it all.

Browning Platinum Safe after structure fire

Browning Platinum Safe after structure fire. Last safe standing.

The safe in the picture is a Browning Platinum series safe. I can’t say enough good things about Browning. When they found out about the fire and the safe, they replaced it for free.
Browning Platinum Safe protected contents during a structure fire

The Browning Platinum Safe saved all the contents with only minor heat damage to a few items.

The Browning Platinum Safe protected the contents of the safe, with only minor heat damage to some of the contents. Most of the handguns were loaded, and did not cook off which I feared would have happened. The only major damage was some of the Kydex holsters and knife sheaths were warped and disfigured. There was some minor bluing spotting from the heat on a few of the rifle barrels, and some of the wood stocks were dried out, but a good cleaning and oiling fixed most of those issues. Without this safe, I would have lost my entire collection. I did lose all the ammo, as it was not in the safe, and I still haven’t replaced it to this day.

ARMALITE AR50 rifle burned to a crisp

Armalite AR50. Wouldn’t fit in safe, burned to a crisp.

The rifle pictured was an Armalite AR50 50 BMG caliber rifle. It did not fit in the safe, or it would have been there. I had $10,000 invested in that rifle including the ammo. There was a $2500 scope on it, all that remained was the rings. You can see how hot the fire got by the way the aluminum stock is melted away and the barrel is warped and twisted. Thinking about it still makes me sick to this day.

Don’t let the same thing happen to you.

Gun vaults and vaults to protect other collectables can be as simple as a traditional steel safe, or an elaborate room with vault doors and temperature, humidity, and fire suppression controls. Guns and weapons are tools, albeit expensive ones. They are made of metal and wood and subject to damage from moisture and temperature, especially if left sitting in storage for long periods of time. Any collection, whether it be arms, art, jewelry, metals, etc, will represent a fairly substantial financial, emotional, and personal investment; it should be protected.

Vaults can be built to be fireproof, blast resistant, and incorporate high tech security systems such as biometric access, video surveillance, remote monitoring, fire suppression, and waterproofing.

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