Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials

Here is perfection at it's best! This contractor, Jeremy Glenwinkel, did a $60,000 basement at my house and I am proud to say, it is awesome and much better than I expected. This man does it right! You can call me and ask me and I will tell you the same thing, use this contractor and you will be amazed at the quality, honesty, and professionalism that he brings to the table!

Steve A

I hired Valhalla Construction for custom tile and stone work in my kitchen and living room. The work looks great and I would recommend this contractor. The work took a little longer than expected, in part due to the availability of the supplies, but also to a degree due to underestimating how long it would take. Nevertheless, the result was very good. Thank you.

Ramsey R

Jeremy Glenwinkel of Valhalla Construction was referred to us by our realtor. He was our salesperson/project manager on the job and I have to say, I really valued his handling of our situation; we were out of the state during the project yet he still made the process of managing our property easy. We can always trust Jeremy because he has always been fair with us.

Mark & Melanie G

We hired Valhalla Construction because of the professionalism and completeness and timely manner of the bid. It was to rebuild a large deck. Then we agreed to have a patio put under the deck while the area was open, and we had planned a trip to Alaska and just told Jeremy to "go for it." We came home to a gorgeous patio. After deck rebuild our front porch had to be redone for concrete was crumbling and cracking and water was getting into our finished basement. Jeremy said, "I don't want to just redo what was there, I'd like to make it attractive." Again, we said "go for it" and our front porch is now beautiful and a grand entry to our home. Neighbors post on facebook that they love driving by every day. Then...the master shower had to be redone, and we picked tile and Jeremy did that. We had a trip to the hospital for my husband to have open heart surgery, and while gone Jeremy finished the shower, tiled around the jetted tub and vanities, and took salvaged slate and made the most beautiful backsplash in our kitchen. We are 100% satisfied, and very very happy. We may be used as a reference.

Peter & Paula B.

Jeremiah was recommended to me by another contractor and it was one of the best referrals I ever had. Jeremiah is a talented craftsman who goes out of his way to ensure that his customer is happy. The work he has done for us is outstanding. Honest, affordable & quality workmanship. Jeremiah is great to work with, he is concerned about customer satisfaction and meeting your budget. We are very happy with all he has done for us.

Dale B

President - Garage Door Center

Jeremy has a good work ethic; something he learned from his dad with whom he worked until his father's death in Feb. 2000. He works honestly and with integrity desiring to give the best he has to his project and to his clients. He takes pride in doing a job with excellence. I fully recommend him.

Sharon G

Jeremy is intelligent, reliable, and creative. I was very lucky to have him as a partner on my team as we worked towards our degrees. Jeremy produced exceptional work in a timely manner, and I was continually impressed with his professionalism. He is an excellent communicator, and I was constantly enthralled by both the written material he produced and our ongoing discussions regarding a multitude of subjects. He was a leader when the team needed one and always filled in when another team member could not get their work done, even at the last minute when he had to sacrifice his own personal time. I could always count on him to get the job done, to offer words of encouragement when times were tough, and to give me a push when I needed it. Jeremy is a consummate professional, and I always knew that I could rely on him. I would highly recommend Jeremy for any position that calls for a dedicated individual who knows how to lead, as well as support those he works with. You would be lucky to get him on your team!

Rachelle P.

VP - Northern Nevada Region at Volunteers Of America Greater Sacramento and Northern Nevada

Jeremy always has a professional approach to the project, and never forgets the clients needs.

Travis Deal

Design Travis A. Deal


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